A Message from Denna…

Gem DaysLife is more complex and unpredictable than ever.  Things are changing so drastically, both personally and globally, that often it’s overwhelming, to say the least.  Some of you may be deeply concerned about the economy, the threats to our security at home and abroad, the environment or education.   Others of you may have serious family, work, or health issues or a combination of all these.  But how often do you think about your own self?  How concerned are you about your own inner well-being?  How can you connect with your needs and the desires of your heart?  What changes need to be made within you?  What can you do to truly make a difference; to step out of hopelessness into empowerment?

It has been my mission and passion for over the past 24 years to assist others in personal empowerment.   Being athletic in nature combined with my love of health and vitality, I initially did this through the fitness industry.   I taught group exercise classes ranging from step aerobics, spinning, kick-boxing, body sculpting, Pilates  to yoga.  I owned and operated a fitness studio for several years and personally trained within people’s homes. While working with the physical aspect of an individual has been very gratifying, I always had a strong desire to understand in a deeper sense, “Who are we? What  makes us happy? What is it that really empowers and makes us feel better about ourselves?” What I have found is that feeling better about you and your personal empowerment is so much more than just physical bodies, mentalities or the roles we play in life.  There’s another side of us – a “spiritual ” side, our soul.

To understand all of who we are, I began a spiritual and psychological quest.  I read every spiritual/personal development book, attended every spiritual/motivational lecture and workshop I could find across the country.   Equally as strong as my desire to soak in information was my desire to share it effectively.  I became certified as a public speaker through two nationally known organizations.   I  also became enthralled with the power of the subconscious mind and  became certified in advanced hypnotherapy.   I  engaged hypnosis not only for myself but in my personal training business for weight loss, relaxation, and success.  Implementing further practices that focused on spirit, ie, meditation, journaling, and  a healing technique called Reiki, I began experiencing an increased sense of power, unlimited thinking, more self-acceptance, joy and peace in my life.   I found more balance in all aspects of myself.  My focus became less external and more internal.   I realized that all answers actually do lie within. Within I found unconditional love for myself which enabled me to love others more freely.   Understanding the relationship between one’s inner and outer world is what dramatically changed my life.

You can no longer ignore the cry of your soul – your true Self.  It is in need of deep nourishment.  Without it, it will be difficult to adjust and cope in these transforming times. Now is the time to once and for all let go of the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in a life you truly don’t want or have succumbed to just to survive and not thrive.   Now is the time to align the quality of your thinking with the needs of your body and the desires of your heart.  To step into the power that is your birthright that leads to a life of joy, peace, love and abundance in all ways!  To evolve is to change.  To change is to be greater than the environment.  It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”   The world more than ever needs YOU–your talents, gifts, light and power!   Now is the time! Simply Removals

About Denna the Author and Producer…

As a complement to her desire to assist others in the mind, body, spirit connection, she authored and produced“TwentyGems, Journey to the Self” a first-ever book with accompanying video designed to take the reader on a transformational journey utilizing a multi-sensory format.  With the spiritual needs of the contemporary lifestyle in mind and Denna’s twenty inspired personal meditations and I AM affirmations (gems) as a base; sight, sound, smell and touch are used to move you down a path to expanded awareness, aligning the quality of your thinking with the needs of your body and the desires of your heart.

TwentyGems’ videos consisting of beautiful nature scenes, mesmerizing graphic animation, soothing music by world renowned, Jonn Serrie, and optional positive affirmations have been shown on TV broadcasts such as “The Harmony Channel” and various hotel networks.  “US Airways” soothed their travelers showing TwentyGems on their TV monitors.    One passenger commented, I could not believe how calm everyone was on my flight.  It was the best flight I’ve ever taken.” TwentyGems played as a visual backdrop for over a thousand people at “Celebrate Your Life” (Oprah Winfrey sponsored) in Chicago  for keynote speaker, James VanPraagh, Executive Producer of CBS series, “The Ghost Whisperer.”

TwentyGems’ videos are also being used by therapists, spas and other environments wanting to promote relaxation and wellness for their clients.  Clinical psychologist, Dr. Cynthia M. Bratman  says, From the first time I saw this beautiful video I knew that I could easily implement it into my work with patients. Though I thought all of them could benefit, I knew it would be of particular use to those with anxiety and sleep disorders.  I’ve seen it help them find their way back to spiritual intimacy and find the remedy to their illnesses within themselves.”

TwentyGems’ book and workbook to soon be released.

About Denna the Speaker and Teacher…

Denna’s strengths include her experience, knowledge, extremely likeable personality, calming and soothing charisma, and passion for what she does.  All of these characteristics, along with her pleasant voice, laid back and comfortable presence and ease of speaking make her the ideal candidate for quality enriched workshops, conference speaker, media interview and appearance.

Denna is an amazing speaker, spiritual teacher, and guru who has the power to inspire and directly reach her audience.  She obviously really lives and believes in what she talks about and this comes across in her presentations.  She also exudes professionalism in her delivery and enthusiasm for her subject matter and is highly entertaining.  I would strongly recommend Denna as a speaker for any audience that would be interested in learning how to apply spiritual principles to their daily life.“~Dr. Emma Hitt

Denna is an extraordinary speaker, presenter and motivator.  She speaks to her audiences in a deeply moving and personal way and touches the inner spirit of all who hear her.  The reason she can do this is simple:  she is a true-believer in the nurturing and healing of our spirituality and is an incredibly talented inspirational speaker. Her deep passion for spiritual healing will capture the hearts of everyone in her audience.”~Tom Nixon, Tom Nixon Design

Denna is a genuine, delightful person whose spirituality inspires me.  Her presence calms me, just as her guided meditations do.  Denna is a professional speaker whose messages always inspire and lift the spirits of her audience.”She loves helping others find inner peace and recognize their inner beauty~Rachel Hilgers, International Speaker Coach

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