Greetings from Denna

Gem DaysWelcome! I’d like to personally invite you to join me in a safe and sacred environment for the “Journey to Wholeness: Mind, Body, Spirit” workshop. This informative and experiential time together will lead you through a simple but dynamic process which reveals your OWN TRUTH, uncovers limiting beliefs, and claims YOUR personal power!

Truth brings power; power that stems from within you. Power brings you the ability to be in love and practice love; to let love flow freely to and from you. To live the life of your dreams!
The world is more than ever in need of your power, your love, and your truth. The world needs YOU!

Please join me…

Now is the time!



… Be prepared for a fun time with everyone as you are lovingly guided to go deeper within to find your truth and know how to take this knowledge with you into your everyday.”
– Kevin, e-cigarette retailer at SmokShop, UK

What to Expect

~Discover your own inner wisdom in order to live a life that truly excites and inspires.
~Shed the lies that keep you from experiencing your purpose and passion.
~Embrace the truth of who you really are to experience freedom and joy.
~Tap into the source of your authentic power at the depths of your soul.
~Attain the tools that enable you to “light up a room” – literally!
~Learn how to have a vibrant body allowing your Spirit to soar.

Workshop Dates

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 9:30 am-12:30 pm
More info: 828-682-7315

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